Digital Health and Social Care

In this section, we are collating good – and bad – practice of the use of digital technologies in health and social care. Some of the activities reported are within Cumbria and some are elsewhere, but could be adopted in Cumbria.Activities are at various stages of development – just starting, being piloted, in mainstream use, or completed and evaluated.

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We would also like your comments, particularly with regards to benefits you see (to patients/clients, staff, the organisation or indeed the taxpayer) and where you can see barriers. We would like to know there is related work to any of these activities that you would like to make us aware of, either in the form of a publication or a web link.

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Remote examination of a patient by a health professional. A few examples of sub-categories of telemedicine are telerehabilitation, telewound care and teleradiology.

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Remote monitoring to enable patients to monitor and self manage their health at home, and data shared electronically with health providers.

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Telecare and Assistive Technologies

Community alarms to enable patients to call for help in an emergency, and equipment to enable people to manage independent living in and outside the home.

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Sharing of patient records; referrals; patient controlled records; social media and related products

Latest Activities

Published - 25th August 2015
Category - Telecare and Assistive Technologies

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