We formed in September 2013 and launched formally, with funding, in April 2014. Achievements and impact are listed here as a rolling log.

Building and launching the website, Twitter, Health Matters in Cumbria LinkedIn Group, 
@CumbriaRHF: 451 followers September 2015.

Webstats 10th September 2015:

There have been 164 unique visits to the website over the last 30 days (made up of 248 sessions – so some people visiting the site more than once in this period).
Average 3.58 pages per session
Average session duration is 3 mins 32 seconds
% new sessions – 59.2% (typically new visitors, but could also be repeat visitors from different devices)

56% bounce rate – the % of visitors who don’t interact with the page in any way

Membership September 2015:
58 organisations (26 public, 32 private or third sector), 163 individuals.

Developed the Cumbria Strategy for Digital Technologies in Health and Social Care through a series of roadmapping workshops.

Took part in the Cumbria Action 4 Health Conference, November 2014, with approximately 100 attendees (including general public)

Conference presentations and dissemination activities:
Launch press releases followed by a live interview on BBC Radio Cumbria;
Oral workshop paper at the King’s Fund International Digital Health and Care Congress, London, September 2014;
Feature article for In Cumbria Magazine (in preparation – published February 2015).

Two implementation projects with companies (£68k levered).

Held a major event at Rheged, Penrith, aimed at the general public and partner organisations promoting Technology Enabled Care Services in Cumbria. 80+ registered delegates, 17 exhibitors.

Influencing the Connecting Cumbria strategy (digital health included as a priority theme) and the joint mental health commissioning strategy for CCC and CCG.

Influenced the Cumbria LEP to include the following sentence in the Cumbria Strategic Economic Plan  -  ‘Ensure workers have the skills to meet the needs of health sector and to facilitate the emergence of new business in this sector’.  CRHF is hoping to take part in the consultation on skills planned by the LEP for the autumn.

A joint procurement process for telecare and telehealth is being planned between the County Council and the CCG. The CCG are consulting on the implementation of Florence telehealth in Cumbria. 

Supporting the Work in Cumbria collaborative approach to recruitment across Cumbria - see Choose South Cumbria.

Article published in the journal Remote and Rural Health, entitled 'The Cumbria Rural Health Forum: initiating change and moving forward with technology'